About Argus Energy Managers


Argus Energy Managers is a Houston-based, privately held firm with investments in private asset managers focused within the energy complex. Argus is committed to helping its affiliates recognize and pursue growth opportunities by leveraging its experience and network throughout the energy industry.


Our Experience

Argus’ founders have decades of combined investment experience in the energy and infrastructure sectors and believe in the tremendous value of facilitating a network of collaboration among dedicated and accomplished investment managers who share a focus on the energy sector. In turn, this collaboration allows the development of industry intelligence and insight that spans the full energy spectrum.

Argus’ core business model is intended to marry the alpha generation from the small end of the market with the sophistication and risk reduction of a large-scale manager.

Our Approach

Argus is at the center of a network of affiliated energy and infrastructure private equity managers committed to the lower middle market. Argus looks for important factors in prospective managers such as integrity, investment acumen, work ethic, expertise and collaborative spirit.

Our Approach - Network of Affiliates

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